Dear customers and partners of SAMACO Motors,


First of all, I would like to express to you our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for your loyalty to SAMACO Motors, while we are all going through these difficult circumstances due to the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Your health, your lives and the lives of your families are our greatest concern.

Our government has launched a series of preventive and protective measures to protect all of us and our country from this pandemic, Allah willing, and we at SAMACO Motors are accompanying these measures with an additional special measures to protect you, your families and all employees of SAMACO Motors to continue our service with shared responsibility and awareness of all of us.

At the outset, we supervise the new situation to be fully cognizant of what is taking place and increase preventive and protective measures in turn, and to be in conformity with this, SAMACO Motors has strengthened the sterilization of all its facilities, offices and service centers to the highest level of safety, as well as enhanced protection measures of the staff who assist you.

We have activated corporate crisis response teams at all branches of SAMACO Motors by activating strong systems and dedicated support teams. One of the most important things that we have done at the beginning of this year is to develop an integrated service system and convert it into digital services to facilitate you to get a decent level of service using digital technologies at the highest level to save you a lot of effort and time.

Therefore, you must be confident that all our employees will provide you with these services with safety and protection at all branches of the company and centers through these digital technologies that are equipped for you to keep in touch with us.

All our valued customers need to communicate with us through our website and social media accounts, e-sales services, which available to you around the clock , Moreover, SAMACO Motors new website offers the possibility of online booking maintenance appointment directly through a technology linking the website with maintenance centers, this is in addition to many other advanced services that we have launched to ensure that you are served to the fullest while you are at home.

Thank you for your constant faith in us and may Allah protect our great Kingdom. We pray to Allah Almighty to lift the scourge from all of us.

Thank you all very much

Mohammed Sami Raffah