The Most Common Driving Mistakes That Can Harm Your Car

There are many common mistakes drivers make and affect the performance of the car or lead to some breakdowns. Here are some of these mistakes that you should avoid:

Not using handbrakes

When stopping a car on uneven roads, some drivers don't use the handbrake and leave the car on "P" mode (the parking position), which puts the car's weight on the transmission (gear), causing it to break down over time.

Modern vehicles are equipped with an electronic parking brake (EPB), which is automatically activated when you want to park. The system is activated with a finger click, and most modern luxury cars, including Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen offer this automatic feature.

The advantages of having an EPB do not end there. According to The Car Connection's Bengt Halverson, the EPB saves weight by up to 16 lbs compared to other parking brake technology. The EPB can also work with the antilock braking system (ABS) to stop all four wheels in an emergency.

Therefore, when buying a car, we recommend checking the availability of this feature on all sorts of cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans for an enhanced brake system. It is essential to understand that parking brake systems vary, so check your user manual for the best practices to keep your car at its best, extend its lifespan and systems.

Driving with an almost empty fuel tank

This affects the fuel combustion efficiency inside the engine due to the deposits that clog the fuel filter. Moreover, leaving the fuel tank low causes deposits at the bottom of the tank, which leads to clogs.

Another negative effect is exposing the steering and fuel pump, which causes overheating as it is designed to operate while being soaked in fuel. Finally, if the fuel tank runs out and the brakes and steering stopped working, you may lose control of your car.

To thoroughly cleanse these deposits and have a clean fuel pump, you can book your service appointment with an authorized dealer. You can also book an appointment for maintenance through our website below, where will be providing you with high-quality services that include spare parts and after-sales services: Book Now.

Not paying attention to the dashboard symbols

When starting the vehicle, make sure there are no warning signs on the dashboard because each one indicates a problem with the car. If you notice any of these signs are turned on, visit the nearest service center to check your car before it gets worse.

Luxurious SUV cars often embody an advanced warning indicator system that notifies the driver of problems, which makes it easier to act accordingly. If you have any questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us via DM messages on our social media accounts. One of our specialists at SAMACO will handle your inquiries and reach out to you.