6 tips for maintaining the best car performance

Cars' lifespans differ according to models and sizes, in addition to their owners' extensive care. Therefore, regular maintenance is one of the most critical factors to ensure a car's efficiency and avoid many problems before they occur. In addition, your vehicle's lifespan can be extended if you maintain regular visits to the service center and fix the issues it has, even if it's minor, to ensure good performance, as well as the safety of you and other drivers on the road.

We will highlight engine parts' regular maintenance, and we will offer tips that will keep your engine in perfect condition.

Change the engine oil

Neglecting to change the engine oil may lead to various problems for the car because the function of the oil is to allow the internal parts of the engine to move easily and absorb the heat caused by friction. But over time, the oil loses this vital property, and becomes less effective, which means damage to the engine and its performance.

If you travel the specified kilometers, visit our nearest service center. 

Change the oil filter

Some car owners neglect to change the oil filter whenever the engine oil is changed. However, forgetting to change it in conjunction with changing the engine’s oil leads to clogging the filter due to sediments and impurities that result from the burning process, which makes the new oil unable to be transferred to the engine. This can negatively affect the car's performance, besides increasing the load on the engine, which will cause its temperature to rise and thus damage or break it.​

Change the gear oil and filter

The transmission oil (gear) prevents friction between the transmission parts and keeps it working properly. Change it regularly along with the gear filter after your car has covered the specified kilometers. Use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer, which is available in our maintenance centers.

Check the spark plugs

The spark plugs in the car may continue to work even when they are consumed. However, they will not perform as efficiently as required if you ignore them, which leads to the ignition system's deterioration and slows the engine's performance. Therefore, we advise you to visit our service centers regularly and have our specialized technicians check and replace them; to get the most efficient engine performance with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest exhaust emissions.

Check the battery’s efficiency

Battery maintenance is one of the easiest tasks of car maintenance, but it’s essential as it helps extend the car’s lifespan. For example, suppose you discover some terminal wear, leakage, breakage, or deformation in the external body of the battery. In that case, know that this causes a weak connection between the battery and the wires. Neglecting it may cause the leakage of hydrogen gas, which is one of the chemical reaction products inside the battery that produces electrical energy. The leakage could lead to an explosion and cause severe injuries, especially if it was exposed to a tiny spark due to releasing electricity in the wires.

Check the car’s dynamo

The dynamo plays an essential role in charging the car battery and restoring its lost energy. If it malfunctions or no longer works properly, your car will stop the moment it loses power. For example, suppose you notice the lights weaken, the warning battery warning light on the dashboard, or strange sounds appear when the car engine is running, this might be a problem with the dynamo. In that case, visit our nearest service center to have our experts check the charging system entirely before installing a new dynamo.

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