Repair, Customization & Car Care Service


Our clean and well-organized body shop can handle any damage repair to Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen brands of car. Before work starts we will provide a full printed breakdown estimate of costs and schedule of work required.

In addition to our repair service, we offer a selection of bodyshop packages and services:

Tinting Services

3M Automotive Window Films are affordable window films that block up to 60% of solar radiation. available in different tint levels, blocking up to 95% of visible light to provide privacy and protection for your valuable items.

Available in several options:

  • Crystalline 3M
  • Nano Ceramic
  • Nanotechnology
  • Premium 3M

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Car Detailing Services

Car detailing is about getting the absolute best look for your paintwork and other surfaces

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Painting Services

There is no limit to what can be done when it comes to painting your rims or brakes. We are specialized in high-quality painting services which will be eye-catching every time you are on the road.

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Paint Protection Films

SunTek paint protection films are scientifically formulated to help maintain the beauty and safety of the car’s paint for several years and in all kinds of weather.

Available in various options:

  • A protective film for the entire vehicle.
  • A protective film for the front half of the car.
  • A protective film for the front quarter of the car

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Glass Window Protection Films Service

3M glass window protection films were designed to protect glass surfaces from daily weather changes that the car is exposed to.

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Nano Ceramic Services

Nano paint, known as nano-ceramic paint, protects from stains, water droplets, and gasoline. Nanoceramic paint is self-cleaning against microbes.

Available in several options.

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Car Wrap Services

3M car wrapping. We can give your car a magnificent transformation with a wide range of splendid and colored car wrapping films.

Change your car’s color anytime you want with 3M vehicle wrap.

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