911 Speedster

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911 Carrera Speedster

375 kW/510 PS | Power (kW)/Power (hp)

4.0 s Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h

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Tribute to a dream.

A single word bundles everything the brands stands for: Speedster. Because the concept embodies the original Porsche virtues of purism, lightweight construction, efficiency and unadulterated driving pleasure. Limited to 1,948 units, the new 911 Speedster pays tribute to an idea that runs through the history of Porsche like a long winding road.


Clearly a 911. And then again not. The Speedster is probably the most individual 911 concept that you will see on the world’s roads. And definitely one of the most beautiful.

There is no doubt that its proportions, lines and design language are unmistakable. Its CFRP wings are muscular and its headlights are round – as is typical of the 911. The front apron with its large cooling air intakes and black spoiler lip is also typical – of the 911 GT models. As is the contouring of the front lid made of carbon. No wonder, because the design and wide body are based on the 911 GT3.

But things get even more fascinating. The windscreen is extremely low, making the car even flatter, more compact and more athletic. This is a long tradition with the Speedster. For which there are three very good reasons: proximity to the road, constant flirting with the elements and unadulterated sporty driving.

The 20-inch forged alloy wheels with central locking and Porsche Crest reveal the proximity to the race track. And allow a clear view of the standard Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB). ‘The Speedster’ is essentially a Porsche GT model. With an exceptional design.

As well as a flatter silhouette, the rear view also reveals a second unmistakable feature of the Speedster: its dynamic streamliners. They are located on the rear lid which is made of carbon and moulded from a single component, making it extremely rigid.

The streamliners are undoubtedly the distinguishing feature of every 911 Speedster. With their aerodynamic shape, they visually extend the headrests towards the rear of the car. And in the new 911 Speedster, they are even longer and more contoured than ever before, thus removing the slight hunchback that was given to the broadly shaped rear of earlier days.

Sporty features of the new 911 Speedster: the athletic rear, the sports exhaust system with its two central tailpipes and the lightweight rear aprons with additional air outlets.

The new 911 Speedster: our contribution to embellishing the roads. And an anthem to these. A very special 911.


The long, chequered history of the Speedster has a clear physical core: its engine deep in the rear. In the new 911 Speedster, this is a high-performance 4.0-litre naturally aspirated, horizontally opposed engine. For a high-revving concept that reaches 9,000rpm. Maximum torque is 470Nm. And output a whopping 375kW (510PS).

The acceleration and speed values are also extraordinary. Because the new 911 Speedster sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.0 secs, thanks to its 6-speed GT sports manual transmission. Before reaching a top speed of over 300km/h. Who does it take after? The 911 GT3 – and its even more powerful brother, the 911 GT3 RS.

Extremely robust and high-performing, the RS engine was originally based on that of the 911 GT3 Cup. The oil supply principle also originates from motorsport and uses a dry sump and separate engine oil tank, fully variable oil pressure pump and highly efficient supply of the bearings via the crankshaft.

The four-valve technology with cam followers and rigid valve control has also been fully tested on the race track. The engine block and cylinder heads are made of aluminium, and the titanium piston rods are forged. Thanks to VarioCam, the camshaft adjustment is finely tuned according to engine speed and load. Six individual throttle valves ensure optimum air supply to every cylinder.

A stereo lambda control circuit regulates the exhaust gas composition and monitors pollutant conversion in the catalytic converters. To reduce particulate emissions, the 911 Speedster is fitted with a particulate filter. The necessary regeneration process of the particulate filter runs independently and unnoticed. The extra weight of the sports exhaust system due to the additional particulate filter is more than offset by a newly developed lightweight construction concept.

The result of all these measures: direct responsiveness and motorsport-typical vehicle performance. With the unparalleled soundtrack of a thoroughbred naturally aspirated engine. Absolutely beautiful. And amazingly fast.