Top driving tips for females

  1. Fasten your seatbelt. It might sound like common sense, yet many people overlook it. Fastening the seatbelt is a must for both front and rear passengers. We also recommended seating the kids in a child seat and never in the front seat passenger until they reach the age of 13.

  2. Before moving your car, make sure that the position of the front wheels is straight. Ensure it’s not positioned to the right or left side so that the vehicle does not veer as soon as you move. Also, be cautious while driving if you want to turn right or left. Make sure to turn the wheels at the moment of turning and not before.

  3. Check the other cars on the road; check left and right before changing lanes. Use your mirrors to see cars speeding or stopping suddenly around you.

  4. Keep a safe distance between you and other cars on the road. In case a vehicle speeds up, stops suddenly, or swerves without notice. You will still have plenty of time to get out of its way or hit the brakes and avoid accidents.

  5. Adjust the side view mirror to avoid blind spots, the locations of cars around you that you cannot see. Ask the sales consultant about the electronic blind-spot system, which is available in various SAMACO cars.