Steps to improve the performance of the car air conditioner

Different vehicles from SAMACO are equipped with modern AC systems to offer drivers and passengers a convenient journey no matter how hot the weather is outside. By following these steps, you can maintain and further improve the efficiency of your car AC in summer regardless of which model you drive:

Parking your car in a shaded area  

It is recommended to park your car in shaded areas away from direct sunlight to avoid breakdowns and overheating that will make it difficult for your AC to promptly cool down the car. ​

Installing window tint (films)

Window tint insulation in the car helps to expedite the AC performance by reducing direct contact with sunlight. SAMACO offers high quality window tint services for different models as per the city's traffic regulations.
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Ventilating your car

When you start your car, keep the door and windows open for a short period to let the hot air out. Then, turn on the AC without closing the windows for few minutes to help cooling the car.

After that, you can adjust the AC to the desired temperature.

If your AC is not working properly, you can easily schedule an appointment for maintenance services via our app or website: Book Now.