5 most important tips to ensure car efficiency before traveling and long trips

As the summer ends, many families prefer to travel to other cities in Saudi; to enjoy the good weather during different seasons. But, these long trips need checkups and maintenance beforehand. To ensure efficiency and to avoid sudden failures in the vehicle's system. For the best performance of your car on such trips, consider following these tips:

Check fluid levels

The first step when traveling is to check the fluid levels in your car, as low fluid levels can lead to problems. This procedure will include checking the oil levels and condition of the engine, transmission, steering,

and brakes, besides the radiator's fluid level.

Our specialized team will conduct a checkup on these components and fill them in when necessary. Also, a checkup on your vehicle before traveling will detect any fluid leakage and thus prevent problems beforehand.

Check and replace your windshield wiper blades

Maintaining a clean car windshield is one of the essential things that ensure safe driving on the road. Wipers clean the windshield from dust, fog condensation and removes rainwater; so that you can see the road. Thus, if your car wipers are not working, fix them the soonest to ensure their efficiency. Moreover, make sure to check the wiper fluid and refill it when necessary.

Check shock absorbers

The car shock absorber may damage over time, especially if the road has humps and potholes. Thus, checking its efficiency is essential for the stability of the car. It enhances the car's control and ensures your comfort on the road. There are many indicators of its failure or damage. Such as swerving or nose-diving while braking, delayed, or longer stopping distances. Besides uneven wear that appears on tires and other indicators. Visit our service center to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's shock absorbers and avoid problems with it or other suspension system components.​

Check your tire pressure

Before traveling, check your car's tires with a professional technician to have a pleasant and safe trip. And if your vehicle has an extra tire, be sure to check it, as well as make sure you're carrying the warning triangle. To find out your car's tire pressure, you can check the instrument panel on the driver's door or in the drawer. For more information and inquiries, besides booking a maintenance service. 

Check headlights, turn signals, brakes, and lights

Headlights are essential to your car. To ensure they are working, turn on your headlights once a month in front of a flat surface. Then, examine the turn signals and parking lights as you walk around your vehicle. Check it up regularly and especially before traveling.