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Four rings. A clear line.

Distinctive, unmistakable, A7. From its sharp lights with distinctive light signature via its upstanding front end with a single wide frame and its coupé-like silhouette to its sculptural rear end, the all-new Audi A7 is an ambassador of a revolutionary language of design, carrying classic quattro genes at the same time. Proof that one can remain true to oneself through reinvention.

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The new freedom

Experience a sense of space with new quality: the panoramic glass roof with 60% more viewing area allows the horizon to accompany you and provides a bright interior bathed in light. When closed, the sun protection blind offers 100% light protection and low heating of the interior and can be comfortably adjusted as required and electrically according to light intensity.

​The new open space

We have given more space to generosity with improved spatial comfort in the rear, without sacrificing boot volume. With optionally heated front and rear seats and above all, precise and high-quality craftsmanship in hand-made quality.

Give your style expression

The standard multi-colour controllable contour-ambience light package directs the interior according to your imagination and offers the interior extra individuality and value. Precise optical fibres accentuate contours, emphasise dashboards and design structures.

​The cockpit of a new era

Straightened up, integrated seamlessly and as if cast from a single mould: The high-resolution 10.1- and 8.6-inch HD touchscreens MMI High with touch response are incorporated into the dashboard steplessly and give the progressive operating concept the centre stage it deserves. The driver controls the infotainment system on the upper display. The lower display provides access to air conditioning, comfort functions and text input.

​Digitally staged lighting

The HD Matrix LED spotlights available on request express a new, unique A7 lighting language of design and address the issue of digitisation: separated by narrow spaces, 12 light segments are juxtaposed and create associations with the principle of the numbers 0 and 1.


340 hp

​250 km / h top speed

5.3 seconds 0 - 100 km / h

Leading the way on all routes

The future of modern mobility, as early as today: Experience intelligent assistance systems and automated driving functions of a new era. Take the next step on your way to a piloted driving experience of a digital era.

The style of a new generation

The all-new A7 celebrates sporty elegance and, as an ambassador of a new style, is a car belonging to the automobile avant-garde. Sharp lines and its coupé silhouette are expressions of powerful emotionality. The lights with their own A7 signature highlight its progressive exterior. From the A-pillar placed far back, the roof spans as a flowing dome over the athletic vehicle body merging into a charismatic sculptural rear end with a continuous LED strip light. A unique appearance that is impressive even when stationary.