Premium Service Packages

service package

Premium care for your Porsche is now within reach with our new service packages Premium and Elite, choose your package today.

Our Premium Packages:

  • 1st Premium Package: 0-2 Years Service Package (0 - 30,000 KM) whichever comes first (2 Service Only)
  • 2nd Premium Package: 2-4 Years Service Package (45 - 60,000 KM) whichever comes first (2 Service Only)

Our Elite Package:

  • 1st Elite Package: 0-4 Years Service Package (0 - 60,000 KM) whichever comes first (4 Service Only)
  • 2nd Elite Package: 4-8 Years Service Package (75 - 120,000 KM) whichever comes first (4 Service Only)

With the new Service Packages you will benefit from:

  • Preserving the value of your Porsche vehicle over time.
  • Securing price inflation in the future.
  • Servicing your Porsche at Porsche authorized dealer.
  • Service under expert care with genuine parts and experienced technicians.
  • Added-Value for the your Porsche.

The new service package include Porsche model range from the new generations.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Service contract couldn't be fully or partially refunded once purchased.
  • Service Contract is linked only to the vehicle the package purchased to; it couldn't be transferred from one car to another.
  • Maintenance scope and relevant parts will be replaced in the service interval based on Porsche standards prescribed in the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Brake pads and discs are not included in the service items, it will be replaced on cash basis whenever required.
  • Service interval is due every 15,000 KM or 1 year whichever comes first, the customer has the right to redeem the due service only before (or) after 2 month / 3,000 KM.
  • The company has the right to cancel the service package on a specific vehicle if it's assessed as a total loss by SAMACO Motors Bodyshop.
  • Service contract is valid exclusively in the duration, mileage, or number of purchased services mentioned above.
  • Service contract is only valid in Porsche SAMACO Motors service centers.
  • This contract is not valid in case there is no separated paid invoice provided by SAMACO Motors showing the full payment of the above-mentioned package.