SAMACO Automotive Launches a free check-up
initiative for Lamborghini Cars in Jeddah

Jeddah, 18 Aug 2020 - SAMACO Automotive, the exclusive importer of Lamborghini cars in Saudi Arabia, announced its support for Lamborghini owners in recognition of their loyalty and confidence, by launching a "Free check-up" initiative through offering free and distinctive services to Lamborghini cars in Jeddah.

The initiative includes a free comprehensive check-up of the car, including operating systems, driving assistance systems, cleaning of the air-conditioning system and treating it with ozone to help customers overcome these hot summer days, while providing a health examination and sterilization of the car completely to ensure its protection from viruses in light of the Corona pandemic. The initiative also includes granting a special discount of 25% on accessories and spare parts.

The company has invited all its customers in Jeddah to visit its main service center located on Madinah Road intersection with Tahlia Street to learn more about this distinctive initiative. The company, as well, has provided a special designed truck for transporting customers' cars to the service center and back to their place free of charge.

On this occasion, Tony Abi Nader, Lamborghini Brand Manager at Samaco Automotive, said: “We are very keen to offer the best after-sales services to our customers to ensure their reassurance and peace of mind. We are also committed to offer the highest levels of service in line with the advancement of Lamborghini cars, the world’s first car in luxury sports car category.

He added: "Our responsibility towards our customers is extended throughout their acquisition of Lamborghini cars, and we are very keen on their safety and the safety of their families by sterilizing all our services and after-sales service center to provide them with the utmost safety and security during their presence. I invite all Lamborghini car owners in Jeddah to respond to this distinctive initiative and benefit from its many services that we provide for free to them.”