Bentley Saudi Arabia organizes driving experience event
for Bentley "Flying Spur" and the “Bentayga"

Bentley Saudi Arabia announced that it has organized test drive session for Bentley cars, for a number of its current and potential customers as well as social media and media representatives, during the weekend of October 30 and 31, 2020.

The company held a special event at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club at King Abdullah Economic City, Jeddah. The event included a meeting between the guests, with strict consideration of social distancing measures and precautions to ensure the safety of the guests and the organizers, then play golf on the course of the Royal Greens Golf Club, and then get acquainted with the new Bentley models. Bentley Saudi Arabia provided the guests with the opportunity to test-drive the new Bentley models “Flying Spur” and “Bentayga” on a roads specially prepared for this purpose.

During the test-drive rounds, which were organized and supervised by Bentley’s technical team; sales consultants provided a thorough demonstration of the many advantages of Bentley cars in general, and the “Flying Spur” and “Bentayga” models in particular, as well as providing adequate responses to the advanced driving, safety and electronic systems of these luxury and premium cars.

It also hosted a special event for media representatives and social networking sites to learn more about Bentley's modern models recently arrived in Saudi Arabia.

During that event, the company provided all the facilities that provided the opportunity for the media and social networking sites representatives to conduct test-drives along with comprehensive discussions on the latest technologies and driving systems of Bentley cars, as well as to learn by themselves the safety and security measures of both models.

Upon the conclusion of test-drive session, an open dialogue was held with the company's management about its current and future policy of marketing Bentley cars, in addition to a detailed explanation of its future investments aimed at enhancing the presence of this luxury brand in the Saudi market.​

During the two meetings, Peter Smith, General Manager of Bentley Brand at SAMACO Automotive, thanked everyone for their presence and participation, and thanked the representatives of the media and social media for their continued support of Bentley brand and their keenness to spread its news and follow up all news about this global brand."By organizing these meetings, we seek to provide our current and potential customers with the opportunity to test-drive Bentley cars and to get to know for themselves the splendour and power of these distinctive cars. We also aim to improve our communication with them socially outside the workplace to speak to them in a comfortable and non-binding environment.