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    Audi Genuine high-performance engine oils can prevent the engine from overheating and can therefore extend its service life. The fill level of the engine oil should be regularly checked and topped up if necessary. This is how your Audi stays Genuine.Text here ...

    Audi Genuine engine oils

    Audi Genuine engine oils are ideal for your Audi because they have been developed together with the engine and fulfill all of the requirements applicable to modern petrol engines.Text here ...

    • Special additives stabilize the lubricating film and reduce oil consumption
    • Good lubricity reduces friction and helps increase both the efficiency and the life of the engine
    • It allows the oil change intervals to be extended
    • The oil also has a high storage stability of up to four years and is available in convenient packaging sizes
    • Engine oil reduces friction between moving parts, reduces fuel consumption and can therefore increase engine efficiency
    • Must be changed regularly because the lubricants contained within the engine oil help to clean the engine
    • Changing is especially important if the vehicle is frequently used for short journeys, because this can lead to a percentage of condensation water and fuel forming in the engine oil

    Your Audi partner will be happy to provide more details about the Audi Genuine LongLife III and LongLife IV high-performance engine oils.

    ​Audi original oil filter

    The oil filter is responsible for the purity of the engine oil. It removes combustion residues, oil coal, soot and metal particles. The filter provides protection against increased friction caused by dirt and wear and therefore ensures a long service life of the engine. This is how your Audi stays Genuine​

    • Contributes to reduced engine wear as they remove the dirt from the oil circuit reliably and therefore safeguard the oil supply under all conditions
    • Feature high-quality sealing materials and tightly fitting connections so no dirt particles can "escape"
    • Their high dirt retention capacity enables high performance and a long service life of the engine
    • Operates reliably at low temperatures and with a high oil viscosity thanks to their stable design
    • The smallest impurities can act like sandpaper and damage mechanical parts in the engine

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