Audi air conditioning service Fresh air all year

Dust, pollen and other environmental factors can put pressure on the air conditioning system of your Audi and possibly restrict its functionality. Therefore, suggest that the Audi Air Conditioning Service provides fresh air - whatever the season!


At the Audi Air Conditioning Service, all affected components of the air conditioning system, such as air conditioning ducts and evaporators, etc., are treated and thoroughly disinfected. In addition, the function of the air conditioner is checked and the pollen filter checked.


- Trigger of lack of air quality in the vehicle

interior are targeted - Deep effect and hygienic effect reduce the burden on the airways by pollen, germs and microorganisms significantly

- Excessive fogging of the windscreen is prevented

- An air conditioner also promotes the well-being and concentration ability of the driver and passengers

Therefore have your Audi's air conditioning system checked at regular intervals.

Audi air conditioning service with air conditioning cleaning

By means of a spray lance process, microorganisms and pollen are flushed out of the evaporator of the air conditioning system, thus permanently removing pollutants from the air conditioning system.

Audi activated carbon filter with odor and pollutant filtering

In addition to dust and pollen, the activated carbon filter also filters spores and bacteria as well as gaseous pollutants such as ozone and benzene. This means that the fan can also be used in traffic jams or tunnels.